Understanding Diversity (Präsenz)

  • Mi, 22.06.2022
  • Do, 23.06.2022
Career Center, Monetastraße 4, Seminarraum, EG, Infos zur Anfahrt

Whether in academia, in the professional world or in everyday life we are directly and indirectly confronted with a variety of belief-systems other than our own – and, more importantly, diverse concepts of identities. In a world that is constantly growing closer, understanding diversity and coping with a multitude of cultural backgrounds, values, and mentalities has become a key qualification.

This workshop is about developing an informed approach on different concepts such as culture, diversity, identity, stereotypes, racism and whiteness. For this purpose we will look at a variety of scientific concepts and findings and will reflect upon our personal ideas, actively examine the key terms and mechanisms in intercultural interaction and identity formation. Together, we will reflect on and discuss the impact that concepts around diversity have on values, norms, and beliefs. The goal is to improve our own understanding of diversity and to strengthen one's personal communicative resources in a resource-oriented way in the future. 

Veranstaltung besteht aus 2 Terminen.

  1. 22.06.2022, 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr
  2. 23.06.2022, 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Dr. Lima Sayed, Amerikanistin und Mitarbeiterin im Career Center; Dr. Janina Vernal Schmidt, Promovierte Sprachdidaktikerin, Post Doc an der Universität Hildesheim und Trainerin im Bereich Interkulturelle Kommunikation
Studierende, Promovierende, Absolvent/innen (bis 2 Jahre nach Abschluss) der UHH
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Diese Veranstaltung kannst du bis 21.06.2022, 12:00 buchen.

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