Terms of use

UHH Join is a booking app that enables Universität Hamburg students to book extracurricular events. The app is also open to others, such as prospective students and alumni. The app works on all standard browsers irrespective of the device.RegistrationUHH Join requires that users register in order to be able use the app fully.


Registration is free of charge. Members of Universität Hamburg can register using their uni username (B-Kennung); though this can also be done without using the uni username.

It is possible to search and view the events on offer even without registering. However, registration is required to create a favorites list, book events, and use the contact form.During registration, obligatory data and voluntary data are requested.

Voluntary data is used purely for statistical purposes. Some hosts may require further obligatory data for a booking. Accordingly, this data will be requested during the booking, and each user can voluntarily save this data in their personal profile so that they do not have to enter it again.

All essential information about requesting, using, and storing data can be found in the privacy policy.

Favorites list 

All registered users can add events to their favorites list. This list has no influence whatsoever on possible future bookings. Users can view and edit their favorites list in their profile.

Booking events

As long as there are no additional admission requirements, all registered users can register for an event by clicking the “Book” button. This registration is binding. All booked events can be viewed in the personal calendar.

Booked events can be canceled via the relevant button. It is not possible to book an event that is scheduled at the same time as another event.

If participating in an event entails charges, this will be indicated in the event description. The UHH Join app does not have an integrated payment function for such events; therefore, any costs will be paid outside of the app.

Waiting list

For fully booked events, all registered users can request to be placed on a waiting list. If places become available, users will be notified by email and can then book the event as long as places are still available (first come, first served).

Contingent-based events

Certain events or event series include a system whereby participation is dependent on being part of a contingent or specific group. For instance, a subject-related event may be primarily or exclusively open to students of that subject. Contingent-based events can only be booked by users that belong to that contingent group. This information will be requested during the booking process or—provided that it has already been provided and voluntarily saved by the user—compared with the personal details in the user’s profile.

Event series can also be contingent based. In such cases, users can only book a certain number of events per event series.

PIASTA Terms and Conditions

If you fail to attend an event without canceling, you will not be allowed to register for any of our future events with immediate effect. Unexcused absences are unfair to others, as many more people are interested in attending the event than places are available.  
Find detailed information in PIASTA’s terms and conditions


The operator of the UHH Join app and the respective hosts reserve the right to block users who misuse the app (e.g., spam or repeatedly fail to attend booked events). In the event of being blocked, the user will be notified by email. Blocked users will no longer be able to make bookings with the respective hosts. Bookings can still be made with other hosts. Blocked users can use the integrated contact form to request that their personal profile be unblocked.

Deleting an account

You can delete your account via your profile. When deleting an account, all existing event bookings for the account are canceled and waiting list entries are deleted. Accounts that have not been completely registered are also automatically deleted after 24 hours. Accounts can also be removed by the operator for good reason, such as misuse of the app, spam, or a breach of the host’s conditions of participation.