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What is UHH Join? 

UHH Join is an app that enables you to find and book Universität Hamburg events. You can currently book the following Universität Hamburg event series via UHH Join.

What are event series?

Event series are a number of events offered by a Universität Hamburg institution that go together thematically or in terms of their target group—for example, PIASTA’s Welcome Week is an event series. However, that does not mean that you are required to book all events in a series. You are free to choose those that interest you.

Do I have to be enrolled at Universität Hamburg to be able to attend the events?

The majority of events require that you are enrolled at Universität Hamburg. However, some events are open to prospective students before the commencement of their studies and for Universität Hamburg alumni. You can view the events for which you are eligible by selecting the relevant option under “Target group” in the filter.

Can I obtain ECTS credits for attending an event?

No, you will not receive ECTS credits for events. These are extracurricular events, which you can choose to attend according to your interests.

How much do the events cost?

Generally, Universität Hamburg’s extracurricular events are free of charge for students. In exceptional cases—for example, leisure activities offered by PIATSA—a fee will be due for certain events. Any fee will be indicated in the respective event description.

Registration and Account

Do I need an account to use the app?

You can view all events without an account. However, to book an event or to add an event to your favorites list, you will need an account. You need to register for an account once only and can use the same account for all events. 

Ensure you use a valid email address when registering so that you receive all important information. 

Can I register without a uni username (B-Kennung)? 

Yes, you can also register with any email address. If you later decide that you wish to register with your uni username (B-Kennung, the same as your STiNE ID), you have the option under “Profile” to link your profile to your uni username.

Why have I not received a confirmation email?

After registering an account, you will always immediately receive a confirmation email. Please check whether you have provided the correct email address and whether you have enabled email notifications in your profile. Also check your email account’s spam folder. If you have checked all of the above and still have not received a confirmation email, contact us at uhh-join@uni-hamburg.de.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Irrespective of whether you have registered for the app with or without your uni username (B-Kennung), click on the “Forgotten password” option directly under the password entry field.

If you registered without using your uni username, simply click on “Forgotten password” and enter your email address. You will then automatically receive an email that provides you with further instructions and a link so that you can reset your password.

If you have registered with your uni username, click on “Forgotten password.” You will then be forwarded to a Universität Hamburg web page that clearly explains how you can reset your password. This web page is identical to https://bv.uni-hamburg.de/sspr/index

How do I change my account password?

How you change your password depends on whether you use your uni username (B-Kennung) or not for UHH Join. 

If you log in to UHH Join with your uni username, you will find the information you need for changing your password on the Regional Computing Center (RRZ) website.

If you set up your UHH Join account with another username and password, go to “Profile” and select “Change password.” Here, you can change your password by entering a new one.

Why was my UHH Join account deleted?

There are two possible reasons why a UHH Join account can be deleted: 

First, misuse of the app, spam, or breach of the host’s conditions of participation.

Second, your account was inactive for more than 12 months. In the latter case, you will receive an email warning. Simply logging in to your account will reactivate it. Deleting inactive accounts enables us to protect your data by avoiding the storage of unnecessary data.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time. Log in and select “Profile” and then “Delete account.” When deleting your account, your data—along with all existing bookings and waiting list entries—will be deleted.


What does the hourglass symbol next to an event mean?

The hourglass symbol indicates that an event is fully booked. You can add yourself to the waiting list by clicking on the symbol. When a booking is canceled, all users on the waiting list simultaneously receive a notification that a place has become available. If you are still interested in the event, you can then try to book the event. Whoever books the event first will get the available place.

I am on the waiting list for an event. How likely is it that I will be able to take part in the event?

In our experience, places always become available, as people cancel their bookings for a variety of reasons. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be able to take part if you are on the waiting list. However, the quicker you react to newly available places, the more likely you are to be able to book the event.Conversely, if you are unable to attend an event, please cancel your booking without delay, so we can invite someone else.

How do I export my bookings to my calendar?

Open the booked event, and go to “Import into calendar” (at the very bottom). There, open the file with your calendar app. This works with Facebook, Outlook, MacOS, iOS, Yahoo! Calendar, and Google Calendar.

Can I export multiple bookings at the same time?

Unfortunately, you cannot export multiple bookings at the same time; iCal files can only be downloaded and opened one after another. Each iCal file contains the event name so that managing iCal files one after another should not be a problem.

When do booking periods start and end?

All booking periods start at 12 pm (noon). A booking period that begins on 1 November starts at 12 pm (noon) on 1 November.

The registration deadline can be decided individually by the host for each event and will by displayed in the description under “Registration deadline.” If no registration deadline is specified, the event can be booked up until the event commences.

The registration deadline for an event has passed. Can I still book the event? 

Only the University institution organizing the event knows whether this is possible or not. In most cases, there are reasons for a registration deadline—for example, the room and materials must be prepared in advance according to the number of participants. Contact the host under “Contact” and “Question about a specific event” to ask whether places are still available.

I would like to book an event, but I was asked for information such as faculty or subject semester. Why is that? And why is my information not saved?

Information such as faculty or subject semester is requested to book events that are particularly relevant for certain groups of students and therefore have places reserved for these groups. For example, places might be reserved for a mathematics crash course for first-year students in the Faculty of Business Administration. 

The information you provide when booking an event is not saved due to data protection. Your information will be saved only once you enter it in your profile. There, you will be able to view, change, or delete your information at any time.  

How do I cancel a booking? 

You can cancel an event booking by selecting “Cancel” under the timetable or via the respective event’s page. You will then receive an email confirming the cancellation, and the event will no longer appear in your timetable. 

Until when can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking up to 2 days before the event at the latest. If the event is scheduled for the Monday, you can cancel up to and including the Friday before. Please be fair and cancel your booking as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend. This will enable us to invite someone else. The course instructor would also like to know well in advance how many participants will be attending the event. Inform yourself about the conditions of participation of the host with whom you have booked the event. Failure to attend without prior cancellation often results in consequences. 

I would like to book an event but am receiving the following notification: “Unfortunately, you cannot book any more events because you booked too many that you did not attend.”

If you receive this message, you are no longer authorized to book events offered by the respective institution at Universität Hamburg in accordance with the institution’s conditions of participation. It is likely that, on too many occasions, you did not attend events that you had booked. The institutions at Universität Hamburg have different conditions of participation. If you would like to book further events, select “Contact” and “Question for a host,” and ask about the conditions of participation.

I cannot decide between two events that take place at the same time and would like to book both. Why can I not book multiple events that take place simultaneously?

Unfortunately, that is not possible, as you are unable to attend multiple events at the same time. For every event that you have booked but do not attend, there is someone who would have happily taken the place. Therefore, we avoid double bookings for reasons of fairness. However, you are able to add events to your favorites list and can book them once you have made up your mind.

What happens if an event I have booked is canceled?

You will be notified by email as quickly as possible. As soon as the respective University institution knows that one of its events has been canceled, it will send a notification to the email address you have provided. It is therefore important that you always use a current and valid email address with UHH Join.

I have already booked an event. Can I still update my profile information? 

You can update your profile information (email address, name, etc.) under “Profile” > “Update information.”

Technical Matters, Accessibility, and Languages 

With which operating systems and browsers does UHH Join work?

UHH Join is a progressive web app and, generally speaking, functions in all modern browsers. However, the appearance may differ depending on the combination of device type, operating system, and browser version. If you have noticed a technical issue, please let us know at uhh-join@uni-hamburg.de.

How can I add the UHH Join app icon to my smartphone?

For quicker access, you can add the UHH Join app icon to your smartphone’s home screen. Use the respective function in your browser menu. Depending on your device and browser, this function is called, for example, “Add to home screen,” “Add page link,” or “Add page to.”

I do not have a smartphone. How can I book an event?

You do not need a smartphone; you can also use UHH Join as a web app on your personal computer, laptop, or tablet. The web app is a website and can be found under this link: www.uhh-join.uni-hamburg.de

I am having a technical problem with the app. Whom should I contact? 

Your best option is to send us a message via the contact form under “Contact” in your account. If you are unable to log in, send us an email with an exact description of your problem (the device, operating system, browser version) to uhh-join@uni-hamburg.de

Is there an accessible version of UHH Join?

The UHH Join app was developed to be accessible. We have an external expert testing the app and will publish the results in the note on accessibility: www.uhh-join.uni-hamburg.de/de/barrierefreiheit.html.

In which languages is UHH Join available?

UHH Join is available in German and English. 



BV = Blockveranstaltung (block course) 

FAQ = frequently asked questions 

STiNE= Universität Hamburg study information networkInstitutions

AStA = student councilHUL = Hamburg Center for University Teaching and Learning

HSP = University SportsPIASTA = International Program for Students and Alumni

UHH = Universität Hamburg

UK = Universitätskolleg

UKE = University Medical Center Hamburg-EppendorfFaculties

EW = Faculty of Education

GW = Faculty of Humanities

RW = Faculty of Law

WiSO = Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

UKE = Faculty of Medicine

MIN = Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences

PB = Faculty of Psychology and Human Movement

BWL = Faculty of Business Administration (Hamburg Business School) 

Location details

AP = Allendeplatz

ESA = Edmund-Siemers-Allee

ESA West = Edmund-Siemers-Allee, West Wing

ESA Ost = Edmund-Siemers-Allee, East Wing

VMP = Von-Melle-Park

If there is an abbreviation that we have not clarified, let us know. We will gladly follow up on your observation; this will help us to improve our list of abbreviations: uhh-join@uni-hamburg.de