Transcultural Awareness Training – Virtual Training for Students at Universität Hamburg and Its Partner Universities Worldwide

  • Fri, 26.04.2024
  • Sat, 27.04.2024
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The English edition of PIASTA’s Transcultural Awareness workshop has gone global! We’ve seized the opportunity of virtual exchange to talk about transculturality and communication across borders and with students from universities worldwide. No matter where you study or what subject – join us and enrich this conversation with your individual perspectives and viewpoints. Let’s learn together and let’s learn from each other!

What will you need to join?

  • A stable internet connection (not from a smartphone, preferably)
  • Willingness to participate with your camera turned on
  • Strong English skills for active participation in discussions

As students, human beings, and individuals, we belong to various social networks and groups. These groups depend, for example, on where we were born and the places we study and live, on our (body-)specific identities, and on our individual inclinations.

But are we actually aware of how particular social groups shape and have shaped us? And what does this have to do with culture? What does culture have to do with communication? And how is communication and culture influenced by local politics, colonial history, and global power imbalances?

These are some of the questions we want to pursue in our workshop on transcultural awareness.

And who are we? We are Wondibel (she/her/hers), certified lawyer, Black, and Kathrin (she/her/hers), white. We welcome all who are up for having respectful conversations. 

Please have your camera switched on and be prepared to actively participate.

Learning objectives and content: 

  • reflect on social and cultural concepts, identities, and influences
  • consider personal communication patterns
  • discuss the cultural dimensions of time, space, and direct and indirect communication
  • consider colonial legacies and their impact on communication (studies)
  • focus on strategies for nonviolent conversation and communication

Certificate Intercultural Competence (CIC) This workshop can be recognized as Component A of the Certificate Intercultural Competence (CIC).

Block seminar – attendance is mandatory on both course dates!

Contact and information: If you have any questions, just contact our team for our program of seminars and workshops. On the PIASTA website, you will find lots of additional information about us and our program.

We look forward to your participation!

Your PIASTA Team 

Event consists of 2 Dates.

  1. Fri, 26.04.2024, 12:00 p.m.—5:30 p.m.
  2. Sat, 27.04.2024, 12:00 p.m.—5:30 p.m.

Course number
Led by
Kathrin Pollow, M.A. History; Wondibel Opoku, Diplom Juristin
Target group
Students, Doctoral Students, UHH graduates
Max number of participants
Booking period
You can book this event until 00:00 a.m. on 27 April 2024.

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