Transphobia: Gender Discrimination as a Social Problem



  • 6:15 p.m.
  • 8:15 p.m.
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The presentation and lecture explain existing discriminatory terms and provide recommendations for action and more respectful terminology. The speaker explores the existence of openly transphobic forms of feminism, their structures, and organizations. Even though feminist schools of thought generally criticize and combat gender-based discrimination, they often exhibit internalized discriminatory attitudes. These must be identified and overcome. In her lecture, the speaker points out the contradictions inherent to allegedly radical yet transphobic forms of feminism, such as biologically deterministic and cis-normative narratives. Transphobia often bridges gaps between opposing political tendencies— such as between feminist, conservative, and even far-right groups and parties. This event highlights how such movements are used to disadvantage transgender people. The speaker further discusses how deeply biological determinism and normalized gender binarism are enshrined in our society, explaining that focusing on open transphobia does not go far enough. She talks about the supposedly respectful distinction between sex and gender, which is becoming more commonplace beyond academic spheres, and what it means to transgender people. Providing an overview of the German Transsexuellengesetz, she shows the extent to which German lawmakers interfere with the lives of trans individuals and explores the question of what we can do to overcome existing gender-based discrimination.

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Felicia Ewert, Politikwissenschaftlerin, politische Referentin und Autorin
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