Inclusivity in Higher Education Administration: Learning from the Experiences of Minority & Critical Populations



  • 16:00 Uhr
  • 18:00 Uhr
Von-Melle-Park 8, 20146 Hamburg, Raum 424
Colleges and universities in the U.S. have experienced an increase in the proportions of racially underrepresented populations, immigrant students, English language learners, non-traditional students, international students, and low-income students. Amongst others, this forum will highlight several trends in student populations that are important when considering educational practices and policies. Additionally, this forum will explore and discuss the developmen-tal and contextual influences that university students who come from cultures different experience when they do not identify with the majority culture. Research on Latinx (Hispanic) students in the U.S. will be used to consider the elements of a bicultural identity.
The event takes place in English.

Prof. Vasti Torres & Prof. Maurice Shirley, Indiana University Bloomington
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